The union: Minibyen i Maribo

      Erling Iwersen     -   Birgit Frederiksen      -     Otto Hansen - Lindy Fynholm - Bent Jensen - Kurt Flittner  -  Birgit Nielsen
Maribo Miniature Town’s board of directors
Maribo Miniature Town is a cultural society of public utility, founded in 1995. Its purpose is to promote good fellowship among its members while working to establish Maribo’s old town (market town privileges 1850-1900) on a 1:10 scale.

The entire Maribo Miniature Town project is realized by volunteer mini-masons. All work on the cultural edifices is carried out in the workshop at Refshalevej 1. The workshop is open to visitors Monday to Thursday, 9.00 to 11.30 (closed 15 June to 15 August).

The work is voluntary and unpaid.

Everybody may join.

Everybody is welcome during official opening hours.

For additional information about Maribo Miniature Town, please contact Birgit Nielsen, tel. (+45) 5478 9011.