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Experience Maribo Miniature Town
You can experience the historical old town centre of Maribo with the old town hall dating from 1857 as one of the highlights, old merchant houses like Lauritz Schrøder’s from 1856, the birthplace of the poet and vicar Kaj Munk, Maribo County and town’s first hospital, C.A. Qvade’s striking edifice in the town square, and many more.
The ”Mini-masons”
Maribo Miniature Town has its workshop at Refshalevej 1, 4930 Maribo. Here, the volunteer "mini-masons/builders" craft the impressive - small and not-so-small – culturally significant buildings. The correct materials are used throughout, and the builders produce everything from blueprints to miniature bricks, roof tiles, half-timbering in cured oak, doors and windows, and granite doorsteps.
The houses
The Miniature Town society started building the miniature houses in 1995. Built to a scale of 1:10, the miniature town exhibits a selection of imposing historical buildings as they were during the 1850 – 1900 period.
 Opening hours:  Tuesday to Saturday, 11 AM to 3 PM
From 2. june until 22. September, plus the school holiday in week 42.